5 Ideas For White Grass Uses This Xmas.

5 Ideas For White Grass Uses This Xmas.
Please help others by sharing this page: We recently started stocking white artificial grass that resembles snow covered grass in two varieties, one is a long and one is short. We normally end up providing most of our white grass range to business customers and companies who use it for various Christmas themed displays such as window dressings in shops, Xmas parties, hotel Christmas tree displays and trade shows at this time of year but there is so much more you could do with artificial grass we wanted to give you a little list of ideas

#1 A Themed Christmas Tree Mat

Why not go that extra mile this year and create a snow themed area in your front room for the presents and tree to stand on? You're probably already going to decorate the house with tinsel, snow spray, wreaths and other Christmas decorations so why not add a large white Christmas tree mat made from our long white artificial grass to really finish it off and give the kids an extra treat this year? Not only is our white grass very durable and touch enough to place a heavy stand and tree on it will also help to catch the needles that drop from a real tree saving you some clean up time once it comes to taking the decorations down – simply roll it up, take it to the bin and shake it out so it's ready for next year.

#2 A Themed Christmas Dinner Table

If you are having family and friends around this Xmas then why not set the tone for Christmas dinner by creating a themed dining room table sat atop of some long or short white artificial grass to add a true Xmas feel to the event? You could even use the short white version to cover the table with some careful cutting to make it fit the size and shape of the table or even purchase a small piece to turn into place-mats.

#3 Home Window Dressing

This is one for those of you out there that like to ass snow spray to your windows at this time of year, you could always finish off the look and feel of this by covering the windowsill in small pieces of long white artificial grass to create a snowy looking display point to place ornaments, decorations and lighting in to get a much better effect.

#4 Give The Dog A Christmas Treat

Our pets often get overlooked at this time of year with all of the Christmas shopping that takes place for friends and family, sometimes you will get a selection pack of treats to include them in the festivities and fun or perhaps a comical Santa hat (more to amuse the family). Most pets will have an area of the house that they sleep in, some are lucky enough to be allowed a couch or chair but many will have a special cushion or area that they use to rest in. Why not try adding a touch of Christmas to your pets “room” by placing some snowy grass down in their favourite sleeping areas? Not only will it add the the Christmas Cheer but all of our artificial grass ranges are pet safe so they wont get chewed to pieces and worn out. This will also let you keep more of the dirt and grime they are bound to tread around the house off your furnishings and carpet as the grass will act link a barrier and a brush for mucky paws.

#5 Christmas Conservatory

Some people like to use the fact that their conservatory is mainly exposed because of the large glass or PVC windows as a perfect area to create a Christmas display with ornaments, Xmas lights and decorations. Why not consider creating a snowy-field themed Christmas scene with one of our two great white artificial grass ranges perfect for this very purpose. You could event use a fake snowman to recreate a scene from the epic Christmas animated classic – The Snowman So there you have it, 5 home uses for white artificial grass this Xmas season allowing you to make it feel that little bit more festive and create some great memories for the kids. Well, and you could always replace the lawn with white grass if you wanted to go the extra mile....just saying.... Author Martin Baron Please help others by sharing this page.

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