8 reasons why you need artificial grass

8 reasons why you need artificial grass


Artificial grass tends to get overlooked as gardening essential, mainly due to its unfair reputation of being a tacky, plastic bright green, cheap alternative to real grass… Well this is no longer true! Artificial grass has evolved, it’s now so similar to real grass that you simply can’t tell the difference. There are many benefits to installing artificial grass, whether you need replace your existing natural grass lawn or your wooden decking is in need of some TLC. Here’s just a few of the reasons why artificial grass could be perfect for you!


1. Mowing will be a thing of the past

That's right, it’s time to free up some space in your shed. You can get rid of or sell that lawn mower, as you will never have to mow the lawn again! Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so it will stay neat and tidy for the duration of its life. Whether the physical demands of mowing aren’t feasible anymore or it’s simply finding the time (and let’s not talk about the unpredictable British weather), artificial grass will save you time and effort. Artificial grass is available in a range of heights, from 4mm - 40mm, so you can have a garden that looks exactly how you want it to without the hard work. 

 2. No more watering

As artificial grass doesn’t grow, it doesn't need watering to stop it from turning brown, dying or creating bare patches in hot summers. Your garden won’t suffer from unexpected heat waves or hosepipe bans, but instead, it will look just as lush all year round. It'll also save you time and more importantly, it will keep your water bill down.

3. It won't need sowing or feeding 

You won't have to feed artificial grass or put seed down because of worn out patches from constant foot fall/wear from garden furniture or pets playing on it, once again saving you money and hours of work across its lifetime  

4. Sunny days are spent with a glass of Pimms instead

What's worse on a hot day than having to work in your garden instead of sitting out and enjoying it? Hot days in the UK are few and far between, so surely you would rather be firing up the BBQ for the family or sitting in the sun around the garden table with friends rather than spending hours mowing, watering, feeding and edging the lawn (and that's before you start on the flowers and flower bed). Well with artificial grass, all this is erased and you never have to do any of it ever again! Get out and enjoy that British sunshine (Pimms optional).

Drinks with friends

5. No pollen = bye bye hayfever

There is nothing worse, getting to that time of the year where everyone is excited for summer holidays, beer gardens, long nights and BBQs. You however will be sat inside praying for autumn. Real grass affects people with hay fever and others that are sensitive to pollen, but artificial grass means no pollen making it non-allergenic and safe to use. If you have hay fever or are allergic to pollen, why not give artificial grass a try and spend more time enjoying your garden in summer, not hiding from it?

6.  It’s kid friendly

Any parent knows, no matter the whether, kids love to play outside. That's why all our artificial grass products are created with children in mind and are perfectly safe, super soft and non abrasive. You also won't have to worry about mud and dirt stains on clothing, small children eating the grass or pulling it out whilst playing. You can also get a wide range of artificial grass underlay products that act as a shock absorbent, designed for children and making the ground even softer and safe should they trip and fall. Artificial grass is perfect for families with small children.

 7. It's pet friendly

Let’s be honest, however much we love our pets, they do have a tenancy to create a mess. Even in the garden, those unsightly bare patches in our gardens from digging, chewing and ripping out the natural grass. We won’t even mention the muddy paw prints all over the kitchen floor! Artificial grass however, the surfaces are so durable, they can withstand the most playful and demanding of dogs or pets, so no more bare patches and no more muddy paw prints around the house. Read more about artificial grass with pets here.

8. You get 365 days a year

Most gardens only stay looking good for a few weeks each year without constant maintenance; less if there is heavy rain followed by sunny days. Add to this children playing, pets, people walking across it constantly and the grass fading in the sun, your garden can look horrible even after hours of maintenance each week. Artificial grass is a different story. It comes with a 10 year guarantee, so you can rest assured that your garden will stay looking its best all year round. 


Why not request a FREE sample from us and see what all the fuss is about.

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