Artificial Grass and Underlay for Decking & Patios

Artificial Grass and Underlay for Decking & Patios


Many people have either wooden decking or a nicely laid patio in their back garden, perhaps as a finishing touch to a house extension such as a conservatory. Decking and patios always start off looking amazing and are a welcome addition to most properties adding value and a nice space to enjoy time with family and friends. Unfortunately though, many common issues often arise for those who have patios and wooden decking that essentially ruing the investment and making the once fabulous area start to look weathered and unappealing. Many choose to cover there decking in artificial grass but it is essential that an artificial grass underlay is used to prevent the grooves from showing through.

Let’s Take a Look At The Most Common Issues

Green Algae / Mould
The most common problem with decking and slab-laid patios is green algae / mould, we’ve all seen it at some point – a dark green colour that stains the surface of your decking or patio and many of you have probably experienced what happens when you try to walk across it, for those that haven’t, well it’s bad, you end up slipping on it like it where ice and nearly hurting yourself or watching the kids go skidding across it, especially on wetter days.


Weathering & Subsidence
Weathering happens to almost everything but far quicker to poorly treated wooden surfaces such as decking, many of you are probably looking at your old decking and wishing you could breathe new life into it or take it back to the day it was laid. Subsidence on the other hand tends to be a more common problem with patios, making those crisp clean lines between the stone slowly become uneven, separate and look untidy.


Damage & Staining 
 Another of the most common issues effecting both decking and patios is damage or staining either from a combination of weathering and use or from accidental damage such as building work, children or DIY activities that leads to the creation of an eyesore that pulls attention away from the feature or space you have created.

The Solution: Artificial Grass for Decking & Patios

One of the great things about artificial grass is the fact that its applications are nearly endless. We highly recommend our artificial grass to breath new life into areas of your home and garden that are covered with wooden decking or an existing patio. Not only will it look amazing and stay that way but it will also be a far safer, better looking and more durable surface for everyone to enjoy.

No more painting and staining, no more re-grouting or sand-filling an existing patio, no more power-washing the decking or having to buy expensive algae or wood cleaning products to rid yourself of the daily falling “near miss that you have to worry about at the moment – artificial grass really is a simple solution to all of your problems.

Don’t Forget About Underlay

If you are laying an artificial grass product onto a surface like decking or patios then you will need to add and underlay product to make sure that you do not end up with either the contours or lines (similar to creases in clothing) that already exist like those on top of your standard decking boards. Artificial grass underlay is similar to carpet underlay and comes in many forms but we recommend using a well draining heavy fabric underlay to ensure your artificial grass looks flat when laid on decking or a patio.

A good quality artificial grass underlay for decking and patio will be 8-10mm+ in height, have a strong backing that grips the existing surface and will have drainage holes already embedded in its surface to make sure you avoid getting large pools of water collecting on the surface. There are other benefits too, lets take a quick look;

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