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Artificial grass, B&Q,Wickes, Homebase...what's the difference?

Installing artificial grass is a big step and should always be seen as an investment, much like any refurb or landscape job it costs money and ideally you will be wanting it to last some time. Therefore we understand it’s important to do your research and have a clear vision of what you want and what you’re paying for. As one of the UK’s leading artificial grass website we regularly get asked  ‘What’s the difference between your artificial grass and getting one from a DIY store?’. It can be difficult to tell the difference online, you need to be sure you’re getting quality for your money. The appearance of the grass simply comes down to pile height and density - (the height of the grass and the thickness). But there are other factors including colour and texture, there’s not much demand for short greengrocer grass anymore so suppliers are creating better quality artificial grass than ever. So you’re probably thinking, well the better the grass the more I will have to pay? Well this isn’t necessarily true. When it comes to large DIY store this is about right. However this reflects the fact they are not specialists. When looking for something as specific as artificial grass you are always best using someone who solely specialises in selling it. This means you will always get more for your money.  So why are specialists better than the large chains? Well check out our comparison.


See how the quality and specs differ in compared to price:


There are plenty of factors when looking for the right artificial grass for you but sometimes it can be difficult to understand the difference. Check out the meaning of artificial grass specifications in our buyers guide below.



The most realistic grasses tend to have multiple shades of green strands and single or dual brown thatching (this thatching mirrors the older grass you see in a real lawn). Real grass tends to alter in it’s shade and artificial grass should also have this element providing it’s realistic look.


Stitch rate

The amount of A low stitch rate simply means the thinner the grass looks, removing any natural look of the grass. The higher the stitch rate the better the density allowing for a thicker, healthier and more realistic looking grass.



The texture is important, it's still possible to get a soft grass that's durable. This is managed with the shape of the fibers. Make sure you avoid the shorter tough scratchy plastic feel.


Pile Height

Pile height is the length of the grass total pile height includes the underlay. The higher the pile height, the longer the grass. A great option would be around 20mm - 40mm for a natural lawn look.


Here at Direct Artificial Grass we always suggest that our customers order samples and see the quality for themselves. We pride ourselves on supplying natural looking, low maintenance lawns whether you're looking for a stylish, perfect garden or something safe for the kids to run around on we offer a wide range of options.


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