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Astro Turf – The History & Developement Of Artificial Grass

Astro Turf – The History & Developement Of Artificial Grass


Astro turf, commonly know today as artificial grass or artificial turf, began it's life in the 1960's when a company called Monsanto developed and trade marked the name AstroTurf. This generation of artificial grass with short pile fibers/strands has been developed over the years to today's longer pile polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) fibers that are resilient and hard-wearing.

Astro turf landed on the marketplace being made from fibrillated fibers - multiple fibers with a mesh like appearance. Whilst this provided an artificial surface the fibers had to be short due to their poor resistance otherwise they would split and easily flatten. Sand was a common infill to help with the protection of this and to provide support to the fibers.

Next came mono-filament fibers, which are still used by some suppliers today – be aware! These fibers are flat, individual strands made from PE and PP. Being much more durable than the original fibers allowed for longer pile heights that were more durable, longer and more natural looking.

Brown textured fibers then started to be introduced to resemble the dead strands of grass, enhancing the natural appearance of the artificial turfs. These strands are individually curled and made of PP which added to the resistance of the overall artificial lawn.

From this point artificial grass was pretty realistic looking now, so here began the development of the grass profiles for longer lasting, reinforced, matted fibers. Fibers started with having spin along the middle of the flat strands. These strands then became curved to improve the resistance and that it certainly did. This lead to today's artificial grass which are either 'V', 'C' or 'W' shaped to improve the flexibility and resistance further. Most grasses on today's marketplace use these shaped fibers and should be a certainty when selecting your artificial grass. As all of our ranges are made with the fibers you don't have to worry about the quality of your artificial grass. Not just this but the strands today are also matted to reduce the shine of the artificial lawns, to look just like a healthy, natural looking and realistic grass.

However the latest and most up to date development of artificial grass is the 'S' shape fibers which are the most resistant and realistic fibers available to date.

Our Harrow artificial grass is the latest development in artificial grass with the 'S' shape at an affordable price – we guarantee we are the lowest price on the market for this range.

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