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B&Q, Homebase & Wickes – How does the artificial grass cost, realism and quality compare?

B&Q, Homebase & Wickes – How does the artificial grass cost, realism and quality compare?

B&Q, Homebase & Wickes Artificial Grass Compared

We hear of customers everyday after artificial grass because they have seen it in one of the UK's major DIY stores, who then want to do a little research as you do. They then end asking the question...

"How does your artificial grass compare to the one I've seen?"

So to try and help we have got the artificial grass in front of us and compared each type  available to purchase.

Pile Height  B&Q  Homebase  Wickes  Direct Artificial Grass
42mm-   -  - £15.99/sqm
40mm £36/sqm - - £19.99/sqm
35mm - - - £16.99/sqm
32mm - - £24.99/sqm -
30mm £20/sqm £29.49/sqm -  £15.99/sqm
27mm       £27.99/sqm  


In general, customers tend to compare the quality of the artificial grass in line with the pile height, although this isn't really true. Yes longer artificial grass can have a softer feel but they also need to be densely compact, with dual green resilient fibres and brown thatching. The backing needs to be covered in solid black, without and green strands showing as these will come out easily with any slight contact. The appearance of the artificial grass comes down to:

- the colour, with realistic ones having dual green fibres and single or dual brown thatching which represents dead grass that you see in a natural lawn.

- the texture, more resilient artificial grass can still be soft and achieves this using various shaped fibres but what you don't want is that cheap scratchy plastic feel.

- stitch rate, artificial grass with high stitch rates (in excess of 15,000 per square meter) are much more comforting to walk on. Lower stitch rates have flatter artificial grass with looks nothing a like to the real stuff. 

  B&Q  Homebase   Wickes  Direct Artificial Grass
Appearance  Low selection of one coloured grass strands with resilient fibres and backing  Dual coloured shiny green fibres with a ridged plastic feel Dual green strands with brown thatching for an authentic look with a high price tag 
Soft dual green strands with brown thatching that is tightly packed for a realistic look at an affordable price


It's ok us telling you what looks, feels and is the best... but to find out you're best ordering some free samples to see for yourself.

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