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Creating a Personal Garden Space on a NarrowBoat With Artificial Grass

Creating a Personal Garden Space on a NarrowBoat With Artificial Grass
Here at Direct Artificial Grass we love it when our products are put to unique or quirky uses by our customers and last week we had the opportunity to be involved in one of the more unusual projects that land on doorstep. Stewart approached us on as he wanted to create a garden like space on his narrowboat (that’s right we did say narrowboat!). Now when you think about all of the types of places artificial grass is likely to be installed the typical answers come to mind – a garden, a kids play area, the dogs kennel, an event or exhibition stand perhaps? So we obviously jumped at the chance to provide for Stewart’s needs and see what he could come up with. There is a large community of people that have either a narrowboat for pleasure uses or have actually switched from living “bricks & mortar” to the laidback chugging along that a house boat brings. It’s not really surprising to us that those who have opted to live on the many canals that run throughout the UK would miss having a space like a garden –so why not build your own? We ended up supplying Stewart with a length of our Stately Manor Lawn artificial grass range for him to create some unique space on narrowboat. We had to get this shipped fast to our eager customer as he wanted to complete the project over the weekend so we got our shipping team on this and made sure the grass reached him on time to help him along (aren’t we nice?).

Another Artificial Grass Transformation

Unfortunately we have no before shots from the start of this project to show you the difference artificial grass can make to any space you have planned for it but just take a look at what Stewart achieved: And finally, check out the view that Stewart gets to enjoy from his “garden” on his boat (just so you know Stewart we love that you have plants in buckets to complete the look!): It just goes to show you all, yet again, that you really can create anything you want with our products. Why not check out our range of artificial grass by using the navigation at the top of the page of by clicking THIS LINK.Don’t forget we’re always at the end of the phone from Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm if you have any questions or you can get us outside these ours by using our “contact” section of the website! If you enjoyed this post and our pictures PLEASE HELP US BY SHARING IT BELOW! Author: Martin Baron

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