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Crufts Dog Show 2014

Crufts Dog Show 2014
This week is the opening of the Cruft's show at the NEC Birmingham. The show started in 1891 at the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington, London. Originally founded by Charles Cruft the show held just short of 2500 entries spanning 36 breeds. In 1948 the show was handed over to the Kennel club and 2 years later was first televised on the BBC. Last year the show saw over 21,000 dogs entered into the show. The majority of the dogs were shown in one of the thirty six rings, which are all installed with artificial grass. This is a perfect choice of floor covering for several reasons...
  • It looks like real turf so gives an outdoor feel to the indoor arena.
  • There is no possibilty of snagging any claws of the dogs
  • Artificial grass is pet friendly
  • Any 'mess' can be easily cleaned and removed without staining.
If you would like to follow Crufts this year it will be televised on Channel 4 between March 6th-9th regularly updated news and events can be followed on the facebook page and through the twitter feed. If you would like to know more information about the suitability of fake grass for dogs then you can read our guide here.

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