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Disabled & Wheelchair Friendly Artificial Lawn

Disabled & Wheelchair Friendly Artificial Lawn

Disabled & Wheelchair Friendly Artificial Lawn

One market place that has seen a rapid increase for demand in artificial grass is for people with mobility issues. Many disabled support and help groups have been steering people they have been working with to us, to help plan and provide artificial lawn for their garden to they can utilise the space to its full capacity.

The reason they are turning to artificial grass?

According to the Government (2014):

"Although the gap in non-decent accommodation has closed over recent years, 1 in 3 households with a disabled person still live in non-decent accommodation"

"1 in 5 disabled people requiring adaptations to their home believe that their accommodation is not suitable"

 "Around 6% of children are disabled, compared to 16% of working age adults and 45% of adults over State Pension age"  

"Over a quarter of disabled people say that they do not frequently have choice and control over their daily lives"

These bold statistics highlight the common issues instigating more and more people towards artificial turf.  So what has artificial grass got to offer that can enhance a disabled persons life? To start with it is zero maintenance, so already they aren't having to maintain the grass regularly or sourcing someone else to do it for them. There is also maneuverability - artificial grass is all weather  so it can be used whenever and you won't get any mud trails indoor after you like you would with natural grass. Artificial grass is cost effective long term, not having to pay for maintenance fees.

So if you are getting artificial grass to use for the beneficial reasons, which one should you get?

 1. Look for a short pile height

The longer the pile height the harder it is to move around on, so we would recommend a pile height of up to 30mm. A safe pile height would be 15mm or 25mm but for a natural lawn look and to be able to maneuver you should be ok on a 30mm pile.

  1. 2. Ensure the artificial lawn has a good stitch rate and weight

Anything with a stitch rate below 15,000 stitches / sqm keep well clear of as these are too sparse. The total weight depends upon stitch rate and pile length, however anything with a 30mm pile height shouldn't be less than 1,800g / sqm.

3. Order some samples and compare

We're so confident in our own product, we advise you to order some free samples and compare around before placing an order so you can see what we mean. Ideally of the 15mm, 25mm and 30m so you can choose the grass right for you.

Once you have decided on your grass and have ordered or are ready to order, contact us to find a recommended landscaper in your area to install the artificial grass (unless of course you fancy a go yourself). 

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