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Get In The Xmas Spirit With White Artificial Grass

Get In The Xmas Spirit With White Artificial Grass

We Now Stock White Xmas Display Grass

It's that time of year again when you start to hear Christmas songs playing in shopping centres and supermarkets and no doubt by now many of you will have seen an xmas themed TV advert or two and thought “is it really nearly Christmas already?”. We love this time of year here at Direct Artificial Grass as it is yet another chance to show off just how versatile artificial grass really is. Most of the time you will see artificial grass used in residential settings as a replacement and low maintenance lawn or garden, a childs play area or as a covering for slippy decking. You might also have seen a few event stands that use our products to create a natural or eye catching setting and a few of you may have even seen an indoor cafe or seating area in a shopping center with tables and chairs arranged on artificial grass to look like a nice outdoor garden like this one.. One of the next things you all will probably start to see are the Xmas and snow themed window displays around your favourite shopping centers, shops, public parks and city & town centers. You all know the one's we mean, an Xmas tree or winter scape featuring wither santa, some reindeer or a snowman sat atop some snow covered looking grass that finishes it off nicely.Well, now it's not just the shopping centers and shops that can add this magical wintery look and feel at Christmas time, you all can as we now officially stock white artificial grass!!! We've recently added two brilliant white grasses, "Winter Morning" and "Winter Meadow" perfect for the displays and xmas events this year but also suitable and affordable enough to create your very own winter scene at home. Why not consider adding a piece under your xmas tree this year to help make Christmas morning look extra special?? Maybe you are throwing an Christmas party and want it to look and feel like it's been snowing (just like we all hope for each year). If you want any further information on our white grass products then please feel free to contact us directly using the contact form on our website or by calling us directly on 01772 331 947.

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