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Have A Healthy Looking Grown Lawn In The Shade

Have A Healthy Looking Grown Lawn In The Shade

How To Have A Healthy Grown Lawn In The Shade

You can't grow natural grass lawns or grass seeds in the shade, it is just suffers due to the key element missing in photosynthesis – the sunlight. Not only does the grass not grow, plants that require practically zero light start to grow there instead such as weeds. People commonly find the problem of grass being unable to grow due to the lack of sunlight around; walls, fences, trees, houses, sheds, garages, furniture... the list goes on.

So how can you have a good lawn in shady areas?


Artificial grass is your answer.

What are the benefits?

  1. - Low maintenance
  2. - Environmentally friendly
  3. - Child friendly
  4. - Pet friendly
  5. - UV stabilised
  6. - Pollen Free
  7. - Great long term value for money

For the doubters of artificial grass

Artificial lawns have really developed over the last few years. They are no longer one shade of bristly green that fades and requires constant maintenance. Artificial grass now:

  1. - contains multiple shades of green for different colours of lawn
  2. - has thatch brown strands, which replicate the dead grass in all natural grass for the authentic look
  3. - comes in various pile heights for crisp clean looks or a healthy grown lawn
  4. - comes UV stabilised to prevent colour fading
  5. - comes in a wide selection of densities, with different strands / sqm
  6. - arrives with strands manufactured in new shapes, making them more resilient


We've useful information on why to choose artificial grass on our guides page, including how to guides.

Spring is here!


There's no better time to install your artificial grass than now. The weather is now fining up, the sun is coming out and everyone is preparing their gardens. Plus there's some great discounts available now on artificial grass as it reachs the peak of the season. We've lowered all of our artificial grass prices and WILL NOT BE BEAT ON PRICE.

Our easter offers include:

  • - Free 40 sqm of weedmembrane with 40 sqm of artificial grass, use 'FREEMEM40' at checkout
  • - Free delivery on orders over £179
  • Budget Artificial Grass Essential Artificial Grass Elite Artificial Grass

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