How The Use Of Grit & Rock Salt Damages Your Grass Lawn – Another Artificial Grass Benefit

How The Use Of Grit & Rock Salt Damages Your Grass Lawn – Another Artificial Grass Benefit

As temperatures drop roads, paths and nature freezes causing a spectacular yet lethal finish. Grit and salt is then spread everywhere and anywhere someone walks, cycles or drives resulting in a mass spreading.

How does the salt then damage your lawn?


When plants become dehydrated they die as photosynthesis can no longer take place. Salt extracts the moisture from the soil and out of the grass blades when coming into contact. Every time someone walks, cycles or drives the salt is spread a little further gradually removing the ice and moisture from it's surroundings. 


Artificial grass isn't effected by salt and it just gradually drains through, so it maintains it's pristine shape no matter the conditions. 


Are you ready for the science'y part? Sodium that the salt contains blocks nutrients from being digested such as magnesium, potassium and calcium which are are critical for growth. Instead the chloride ions are absorbed which stops the production of chlorophyll, starving the strands.


Artificial grass is relatively resistant against most toxic substances and can even be cleaned using a weak bleach solution from time to time. That and it doesn't turn to mush after a bit of salt.


We need salt spread by our local government to keep pathways and roads ice-free, after all 'it' better than sorry'. You can help protect patches of grass or lawn by creating some sort of barrier around the perimeter or even covering it with plastic sheeting. As with most people who refuse to turn to artificial grass, this process is worth doing along with the other back braking hours so they can enjoy their lawns in the spring / summer. 

If this isn't your thing however then get selecting some samples of realistic, low maintenance, pet friendly, child safe, self draining artificial grass that comes with 10 years guarantee:

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