The cheapest 40mm artificial grass that money can buy

The cheapest 40mm artificial grass that money can buy

'Pennine' Artificial Grass is one of the newest products to our collection and wow, it really does offer exceptional value for money.


At just £14.99/m2, it is the cheapest 40mm high artificial grass that you can buy in the UK today*.


Let's take a closer look at the quality and specification of 'Pennine'.


As we've already mentioned, it has a pile height of 40mm, which to us, is the perfect height for a lawn to gaze out onto and admire with pride and it is available in the standard 4m width, as is the case with our other grasses.



It is a weighty grass too. A weight of 2890g/m2 (making it one of the heavier grasses around), means it is very densely packed with grass strands to give a real luxury look and feel to it. It's also one of our darker grasses, which just adds to the visual authenticity.


In terms of its structure, 'Pennine' is similar to our 'Exmoor' grass, but it is available at a slightly lower price than the 'Exmoor', making it a real bargain!



It also comes with an 8yr guarantee and an 8yr UV protection warranty, to give you extra peace of mind of the quality and integrity of your new grass.


Here you can see 'Pennine' expertly laid in the gardens of our customers...




So, if you are looking for the ultimate luxury artificial grass at the best price, then look no further, 'Pennine' is the answer.


*correct at time of publication

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