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The Many Reasons You Should Be Faking It In The Garden

The Many Reasons You Should Be Faking It In The Garden

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Lets Talk About Faking It In life most things that are fake simply don’t stack up to the real thing, fake aftershaves and perfume to give just one example never smell quite the same and the very rarely linger on you for any decent length of time. It’s not very often that something that has been “faked” can begin to make either an improvement on the original or make any serious sort of statement on its own. There are a few exceptions however and we think that artificial grass and fake, synthetic turf surfaces are amongst them. Let’s forget the sports type artificial pitches and surfaces for now as these have already proven themselves to be as good if not far superior to the real thing for sports use – to the point where they even ADD artificial fibres to REAL grass fields to make them stronger and better for a wide variety of sports. Let’s instead take a quick look at why we think artificial grass is far superior to the real thing for the average person. Now, you may be single, you might be a couple, you may even have the 2.4 kids and various pets at home where you live but one thing we never have enough of, no matter who you are, is time. This obviously brings me quite nicely onto my first point; Artificial grass saves masses of time and money on garden upkeep!

Who Has The Time Anymore?

Ok, so you’ve done the 9-5 thing all week (maybe more depending on what you do) and the weekend is finally here for you to enjoy a little time off, relax a little, see your loved ones and friends and pack in everything else you have on your “to-do list”. Do you really want to spend that precious time, especially on days like we’ve been having recently (please sun gods can we keep the sunshine for just a little longer?) watering, feeding, mowing, edging the grass and then having to clean up all the mess you’ve made afterwards? No, you (us too!) would much rather be enjoying relaxing in the back garden with your significant other or playing with the kids while the BBQ slowly makes your mouth-water waiting for food (well that and someone should have invented a lawn mowing app by now!). Now many of you have probably looked at your back garden and though “I need to clean this mess up” and then actually gone ahead and done it only to look at it 3 weeks later and think “why did I bother, it’s all grown back!”. We all have, it’s a common complaint. Well, let me introduce you to your new best friend in the whole wide world, artificial grass. And why, pray-tell, is it going to be your best friend? Take a look • No Mowing or edging • No Watering or feeding  • No Reseeding  • No Mess afterwards (or mud!) • No Annual Cost For Upkeep • No Weeding (when you use a weed membrane)  And what about Money? How much does this cost you over a lifetime? Well according to a finance report performed by HSBC we spend £7.7billion collectively each year on maintaining our gardens. £7.7 BILLION!!Crazy! This includes an estimated £71 per year on landscaping, £70 on general maintenance, £73 replacing plants and flowers and around £73 and other bits and pieces like furniture etc. Also in the top 5 most expensive and commonly bought garden items are your lawnmower at an average of £265 and a sprinkler at an average of £53 and that’s not including the cost of watering your garden over a year!

Artificial Grass – Let It Increase Your Value

“The garden adds another dimension to a house, people have started to see their garden as an integral part of their living space which they enjoy spending time in, whether it’s for relaxation, entertaining or tending their own home grown produce”
The quote above was by RHS Julian Tatlock of Julian Tatlock Garden Design and it starts to highlight a fact that we have been trying to get across to our customers for a long time – that a good looking and well maintained garden is a crucial factor for many people looking to get on the property ladder for the first time or those looking for a new house in general. The same report mentioned above surveyed around 2000 adults and concluded that even though about 72% actually have a garden 96% of this figure agreed that having a well looked after outside space is important when going to view a potential property. Nicholas Leeming, who is the business development director for the property website Zoopla.co.uk had this to say about the matter:
“It may be a cliché to say the British are obsessed with their lawns but the presence and maintenance of a garden can often make or break the decision to buy or rent a property. Sellers must remember that first impressions are everything and a well-tended garden – particularly at the front of a house – can greatly increase the appeal of a property and help maximise the price.”
If you decided to make the switch to artificial grass or a synthetic fake turf, like many others already are, then you would be safe in the knowledge that your garden would stay looking its best for potential buyers all year round, even if your viewing was in the middle of winter. We actually helped a customer recently to increase the value on an inner city property by transforming a dull rooftop into a great looking fake garden that can be used all year round, take a look and see what you think: This space could easily be the deciding factor for someone moving into an inner city location that has either moved from a property with a garden space or wants to keep an outdoor area and what better an area to use for just this than a nice rooftop garden?

Extra Safety For Kids & Pets (but not from each other!)

Recently we’ve seen a huge interest from people ordering for dogs & pets as well as those sending in initial questions about the safety of artificial grass for children. You can rest assured that not only is artificial grass non-toxic and completely safe for both pets and children but it also offers a whole other range of benefits in these area’s. Take a look: • No bare patches from wear or chewing (this could be the dog or kids!) • No muddy paw or shoe prints • Easily cleaned after “accidents” (just rinse it off) • Soft on delicate skin • Artificial grass is a soft surface in hot weather  Kids and pets alike will be happy playing on an artificial grass surface and you won’t have to worry about grass stains on clothes at the end of a sunny afternoon or cleaning up after the dog has decided to embark on a “grass cleanse diet” on a sunny day. Similarly, the lawn will stay soft on the hottest days like those we have been having recently, unlike a real grass lawn (which lets face it will be like concrete after a few days of sunshine) helping to add an extra layer of protection should your kids take a fall while in the garden. You can also increase this protection by adding a shock absorbing underlay specifically designed for just this purpose as it helps to add safety by increasing what is known as "critical fall height" (the height you can fall from before injury is certain).

Can We Help You To Picture It?

Honestly we could go on about the benefits of artificial grass all day (you know we want too!) but as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so rather than give you a thousand more words on why you should be faking it in the garden we instead give you this brilliant “little picture” to sum everything up…enjoy!

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So if you want to have more time to spend in your garden enjoying it rather than working in it, want to save money all year every year on maintenance and upkeep, want to increase your property value, give the kids and pets a safer, cleaner place to have fun then you should definitely be considering artificial grass as a replacement for your existing lawn. Oh, and as we appreciate it when people take the time to read our content and news about the amazing product that is artificial grass we’ve decided to give all of our readers a discount code. Simply “like” this page below and enter “FAKE5” at our checkout page and get 5% off each and every order you place with us! You can view our range of available artificial grass by clicking the "buy now" link at the top of the page or by CLICKING THIS LINK.  Sources: HSBC Survey Julian Tatlock - Julian Tatlock Garden Design Nicholas Leeming - Zoopla

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