The Ultimate 5m Wide Artificial Grass

The Ultimate 5m Wide Artificial Grass
Although this premium artificial grass has an impressive pile height of 38mm, the high quantity of long beige thatch strands between the green strands means the grass is a satisfyingly thicker than your usual artificial lawn. This provides the look of a shorter artificial grass, but the feel of a generously packed grass that holds itself with a freshly cut lawn look.
At a width of 5m, you can cover large surface areas efficiently. It is also conveniently available in a 4m width if you so require.
It also boasts a heafty 2,885g/m2 weight, making it one of the heaviest grasses that we supply.
Pendle really is an impressive artificial grass, and at £21.99, it is well priced to offer good value for money and in return, you will receive a top quality grass to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

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