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Thuggy Dog Gets a Nice Surprise From Direct Artificial Grass

Thuggy Dog Gets a Nice Surprise From Direct Artificial Grass
Please help others by sharing this page:As a company it’s important to us that we try to help out our customers in any way we can from installation advice, delivering fast and on time, answering all initial questions etc to offering discounts where we can. So, when we were contacted by the mini celebrity that is ITV’s Hub Hound(Tabatha) last Friday to help give her back yard a new of friendly lease of life we jumped at the chance to help out yet another customer.

First A Little Introduction

Now for those of you that don’t know who Thuggy Dog (Tabatha) is she is a gorgeous little German Shepard-Collie Cross with an amazing story. Her owner, Lynn Rhodes, found herself having emergency treatment in hospital after seriously injuring her back moving a very heavy desk. After 4 months of treatment and confined to a wheel chair Lynn was at a low point in her life until she answered an advert in her local paper offering the 10 week old pup we all know as Thuggy Dog. We have it on good authority that Thuggy Dog is ever so slightly crazy (you know she is Lynn) and craved constant exercise – something that made Lynn determined to get out of her wheel chair and start trying to walk with the help of crutches. Lynn has had a total of 8 operations on her back and the determination Thuggy gave her has formed a very special bond between the pair, like many close friends Thuggy even knows “When I am in Pain” according to Lynn. Thuggy Dog’s story continues even further when Lynn decided to enter Tabatha into The ITV’s This  Morning Show’s Hub Hound competition which she won and ended up appearing on the show (where she “gracefully” decided to take Eamonn Holmes for a walk off stage!).

Thuggy Dogs Back Yard Transformation

After speaking to Lynn we ended up supplying a 4 x 4 Metre piece of our “Buckingham” artificial grassto give Thuggy something that not only looks great and will stay that way for years but also a surface that is extremely durable and hard wearing, non-toxic and very easy to clean. Take a look and see what you think for yourselves:  Thuggy Dog was obviously impatient about the whole process as even though we delivered as fast as we could she decided to go round to a friends to try out the artificial grass there while she waited! Once the grass had arrived and was installed Lynn was nice enough to send a few pictures of the transformation to us and some of Thuggy (Tabatha) enjoying her new back yard, she even invited Thuggy’s brother, Jonty Boris, to show off her new play area.     For those of you that are considering artificial grass and are wondering about the “elephant in the room” (dog mess) we can confirm that Lynns grass is very easily cleaned up after “nature takes it course” and looks just as good afterwards. She sent across this tweet earlier this morning just to let us know
"I christened my new @DirectGrass today with a massive poop! lol picked up, hosed down, as good as new again lol"
It seemed that Thuggy and Lynn had done their homework before ordering from us as she knew that to keep her artificial grass looking its best and free from odours for Tabatha then all you need to do is brush it down with a little diluted washing up liquid and give it a rinse off from time to time – simples! All-in-all it was a great job done by Lynn on installing the grass and another happy customer. For those of you that know the celebrity that is Thuggy Dog or would like to know more you can follow Lynn & Tabatha on twitter by following @thuggydog, going to www.twitter.com/thuggydog or checking out their website www.jnfilms.co.uk We hope Thuggy & Lynn enjoy their back yard for years to come as we think Thuggy deserves a nice play space after all the support and help that she has given to Lynn through her hour of need. If you want to view our range of artificial grass which are ALL suitable for dogs and pets then why not check out our shop by clicking HERE or by using the navigation menu at the top of the page.

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