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Why Artificial and Synthetic Grass Surfaces Are Taking Over The World

Why Artificial and Synthetic Grass Surfaces Are Taking Over The World

Once an Eyesore - Now The Changing Factor In Designing Spaces

Artificial grass, at one point, was considered an eyesore in almost all of the places you found it. You could tell very quickly just from seeing the “shine” that came off the low quality plastic that the grass surface in front of you wasn’t a real one. Many landscapers will remember that “shine” and will be cringing at the mere thought of artificial turf and other synthetic lawn surfaces. Myself, well, I remember the amount of skin I lost during my first clashes with an Astroturf 5-a-side pitch and the burning sensation after an overly enthusiastic tackle that we all came to dread. It’s a different story today though, long gone are the days of shiny, rough plastic like grass that made even the toughest 5-a-side team worry. Like most industries there has been a huge leap forward in the technology of synthetic surfaces brought about by the development of new “Yarns” that help to make these fake surfaces less shiny, less abrasive and rough and look and feel a lot more natural. In-fact many of the modern surfaces would have you completely fooled if you walked bare footed across them while engaged in conversation – you really would be none the wiser! With this rise in technology and realism artificial grass has seen a huge uptake from landscape architects, schools, sports arena’s and even local councils looking for cost effective ways to keep city centers looking well maintained.

Artificial Grass and Landscape Architects

Now it wasn’t all that long ago that the thought of using anything other the highest quality real turf would send a landscape architect into a bit of a state (probably muttering under his/her breath while they stormed off). Now though it’s a totally different story – We have seen many customers taking advantage of these amazingly realistic surfaces to really transform a garden space, rooftop, terrace, balcony and even the interior of the property in some cases. Don’t believe me? Well just take a look at what a few decent landscapers can pull off when they have access to high quality artificial grass or turf: (these landscaping shots are work carried out by Harold Leidner Landscape Architectsand are used to show possible artificial grass uses only) The same is true for sports arenas and outdoor artificial pitches; The last image is from the Masters Academy at Seminole County, Oviedo. Like many education centres and sporting facilities the choice to move to a synthetic surface is an easy one based on the maintenance savings along. No longer do you have to spent countless hours feeding and watering the grass and then keeping it trimmed to a suitable length for your chosen application or activity and lets not even mention the wear and tear that many sports have on real grasses meaning even more expenditure on replacement turf or grass seed. It’s now a fact that artificial grass and fake turf products not only outlast and outperform real grass but they do so at a fraction of the lifetime cost while looking, we think, just as good if not better. You can find out more about artificial grass, it’s uses & benefits along with other information on how to install it yourself by checking out our main website HEREor our different ranges of artificial grass by clicking HERE

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