Artificial grass for decking

Fitting artificial grass is a simple, effective process to cover your old, worn decking. Decking can look fantastic but it required constant upkeep and with the luck of British weather it's look can ruin quickly. A quick, cheap and long lasting solution is artificial grass. Firstly you will need decking underlay, this is essential to putting artificial grass.

ss on top of to decking. Apart from adding the a feel good texture under, decking underlay more importantly prevents lines and sagging in your artificial grass. This simple yet effective underlay has a tough woven backing for a secure fit and also contains drainage holes to prevent it getting sodden or puddles of water appearing.

What You’ll Need:

  • - Quality artificial grass
  • - Brush
  • - Decking underlay
  • - Stanley Knife
  • - Sportfix Cartridge / Wetfix Tub
  • - Pins



  • No gaps larger than 1 cm in width in your decking. Otherwise this may cause the artificial grass to sag between the gaps over time. If you do have larger gaps than this we would advise reducing or filling in the gaps.
  • A clean surface, free from loose debris and clear of moss/algae where possible.
  • Make sure there is a gradient on surface, running in the direction where you want the water to drain. The matting of the artificial grass will hold a large amount of water without water logging, so if you’re no too bothered where the water drains around the decking then this step isn’t crucial. It’s more important that the surface is flat to prevent pools of water occurring.
  • All decking should already have weed membrane underneath it, however if it doesn’t we do advise to fit your decking with this to prevent possible weed growth. Although the decking underlay and artificial grass should be enough to prevent weeds appearing, we could never say this would never happen.

Measuring For Artificial Grass

You can view our detailed guide on how to measure for artificial grass but all you need to do is multiply the longest length by the longest width in meters to get the total area in square meters (sqm). For example:

(A)4m x (B)5m = 20 sqm total

Installation Process:

Step 1

Start by laying your decking underlay on top of the decking. Apply this up to the very edge of the decking where you are planning on laying your artificial grass and trim any excess. Make sure this is all flat by walking on top of the underlay and letting it settle for an hour.


Step 2

Roll out your artificial grass over the decking underlay. Again it’s important this is completely flat so when you have laid this out completely let it settle for a couple of hours.


Step 3

Use the aquabond or wetfix adhesive (again depending on the quantity you need) along the edges of the rolls to prevent them coming up. Then use pins every 20 cm around the edges for an extra secure fasten.


Step 4

You can use sand to help the pile maintain it’s texture although this is not crucial. Either way, you’ll need to use a stiff brush over your artificial grass once it’s fitted to complete the natural look.