Artificial Grass For Technical Area's In Sport

Come the winter months, what once used to be a pristine technical area for managers and players, soon becomes a gloopy patch of mud to slide around on.

Artificial grass prevents technical areas becoming worn, destroyed and muddy. Installing artificial grass not only makes the technical area look good but it also sustains the wear of managers and players to walk around on in frustration and excitement. For the sporting grounds with smaller technical areas you can get a artificial grass in 2m widths or for larger areas you can also get artificial grass in 4m widths - both of which can be cut down by hand accordingly.  You can spray your own permanent white lines on as well to make the boundaries (most commonly used in football).

Installation is easy and any good groundsman should easily be able to carry this out. They simply dig out the technical area, infill and compact the area with a fine aggregate, lay over weed membrane and then lay over the artificial grass (secured down by either pegs or screwing into wooden beams around the perimeter.