Your guide to choosing the best artificial grass for the job.

Firstly, before choosing the best artificial grass we would advise to be clear on whether it is right for you. Any landscape or interior job is a commitment, we want to make sure you’re investing your money in the right products to get the most out of your garden for the best possible price. Every customer is unique and so is their need, here at Direct Artificial Grass we want to ensure your money is well spent and you are 100% happy with your purchase. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to help to ensure you choose the best artificial grass for you and your family. Before rushing into paying we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions to make sure you get the best possible product:


‘Why do I need artificial grass?’

Well, firstly it’s low maintenance – artificial grass needs very little upkeep – no mowing, seeding, watering, or lawn care. All you must do is simply give it the odd brush, clear off any leaf debris or twigs with (a stiff garden brush is best) this will ensure a perfect-looking, lush green lawn all year round. Artificial grass is well known for being pet friendly.


Pets can be prone to digging, tearing up lawns and traipsing their muddy paws through the house, particularly in the rainy seasons. Installing artificial grass is a great way to eradicate all these problems whilst keeping a green lawn rather than paving your entire lawn over.


Children love playing outdoors, no matter what the weather and a real lawn can restrict playing out time. A game of football in a wet garden can result in a mud bath as well as dirty shoes and clothes. An artificial lawn ensures the garden will stay pristine and mud-free regardless of sport or weather!


Replacing a brown dying lawn is important to creating a garden to be proud of. several factors affect how well a real lawn will grow such as poor soil, an area shaded by trees or simply that grass will not grow in certain areas. If this is the case, artificial grass is a great alternative which will guarantee a green lawn no matter what the local conditions are like. Unsightly areas can ruin the look of your whole garden, there are some areas that just don’t look that great. It may be a concreted back yard, a balcony or perhaps a strip running down the side of the house. With artificial grass, you can instantly change the appearance of an area, by softening the space and transforming it into something that fits with your look. Of course, there are many other answers to the question. However, once you have identified ‘why’ you are having artificial grass, we can now look into the traits and features the artificial grass needs to have in order to be fit for purpose.


‘What is the difference other than price’

The higher the price doesn’t necessarily always reflect the quality of a product. Pricing tends to be based on several factors including; production method, transportation costs and quality.


‘So which grass should I choose?’

Make sure you request samples of artificial grass before ordering, you can then get a real understanding for what the grass looks and feels like. We would always suggest checking the grass out in natural light, specifically if the grass will be laid outside. Making sure the colour and texture if exactly how you expected. Most customers want realistic looking grass, by ordering a sample it allows you to feel the grass yourself, examine whether this could be mistaken for the real thing, does it reflect its description and is it soft to the touch? A hardwearing lawn is important and if you’re paying for durability you’ll need to bend the grass and feel the backing and see how robust it is. You may see a little bit of the yarn through the backing which is fine, but you shouldn’t be able to pull the grass away from the backing. Tugging at the yarn can help you see if it is easily removed or whether it stays firmly in place. Make sure all the grass you buy comes with guarantees. Is the grass UV stabilised and does it come with a few years of guarantee? Check the grass has a manufacturer guarantee. All our grasses have an eight-year UV stable guarantee and a minimum of five-year manufacturers guarantee. >


Direct Artificial Grass offers the most realistic, low maintenance fake grass at a low price. With a 10 year guarantee we offer a fast and efficient service with high calibre, natural looking grass. Check out the full range here, or if you’d like more information give our dedicated team a call on 0845 600 8633