Artificial grass for dogs

 Our pets bring a lot of love to our families, so naturally we only want to do the best them, keeping them happy and safe.
Whether your crazy about cats or a rabbit lover all of our ranges are pet safe giving you peace of mind that four legged family member will still be safe to spend time outside. Whether it's playing in the garden with the kids or enjoying a sunny day lounging around on the grass to help keep cool dogs and owners will both benefit from artificial grass.
Reasons to add artificial grass to your garden:

1. Easy to clean
Artificial grass makes it easy to clean up after all pets and stops the hassle of worrying about unseen dog mess. Particularly if you have small children, artificial grass can make it safer for playing out and taking full advantage of your garden.

2. Prevent muddy paws
Arguably one of the worst part of having pets those muddy paw prints all over our new kitchen floors! Particularly in the rainy months it can be difficult to stop the mess and not everyone wants a concrete jungle outside. Artificial grass allows the best of both worlds, a natural looking, luscious lawn without the muddy prints.

3. Safe and comfortable
All in all we only care that our pets are safe, loved and living their best lives. Artificial grass is no longer than short plastic feeling greengrocer grass, it's soft and comfortable as real grass, making it perfect for pets.

4. Weatherproof
Best part of artificial grass is you have 365 days a year to enjoy it. You don't need a week of sun to keep it dry, dogs and pets can play on it throughout the winter days without the mess or issues that a real lawn brings.

5. Easy to maintain
Once installed artificial grass needs next to no maintenance to keep it looking lush. It's strong and durable enough for digging dogs too. It won't need constant upkeep in order to bring it back to life after pet use.


Artificial grass is a fantastic alternative for your garden, allowing you peace of mind that your pets will be safe and happy. All of our grasses are pet friendly.