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Create a Mud Free, Easily Cleanable Festival or Event

Events and festivals have a brilliant atmosphere and are great to attend but a nightmare to clean up after. The high volume of foot traffic, litter & debris can turn and idyllic setting into a mud stained wasteland littered with discarded trash all over.

Patches of real grass can be completely worn to nothing especially if you are hosting a large music festival with plenty of drunken revelers and attendance figures in the thousands. What if it starts to rain heavily? Will it then take up more of your staff and volunteer’s time to make sure everything keeps running smoothly and stays safe?

How long will it take you to clear up all the small, tiny debris and litter that gets left behind? What about the overall damage to the event site, are you being charged for upkeep and repair of the area? What does all this equate to in terms of the end cost in pounds and pence to you the organiser?

Artificial grass and turf can be a quick and easy way to turn some of these nightmares into a relatively easy fix. Artificial grass has superb drainage qualities and will help to keep all those in attendance out of large puddles of water as they will be slightly above the actual surface of the location essentially stood on a “grass carpet”. Although it won’t help those really deep puddles it will still assist in keeping the area much drier than a natural grass surface alone.

Say Goodbye to Worn Out Grass Patches

The products we sell at Direct Artificial Grass are extremely hard wearing (our residential grass comes with a 10 year residential wear guarantee) and won’t be ground into muddy puddles just because of a little rain and heavy foot flow. You can create the perfect location with each area looking its best and can even create relaxing areas on hard concrete surfaces for you event or festival attendees to sit and enjoy.

Think Outside of the Box

You don’t just have to use artificial grass a festival & event flooring solution, you could event use it as a hard wearing decorative option for stages, stalls and attractions. We recently helped the Parklife festival create a unique stage front with our Grass.

Clean up? Just Roll It Away

Those last hours cleaning the site of an event to return it to how it was before you arrived can increase your costs dramatically with staff wages and other overheads. What if after you have removed all of the main debris you could simply roll the rest up and either transport it for cleaning at your business location at your convenience or simply throw it away?? How much would that save you in paid wages?

So no matter what event you have planned or festival that is upcoming you can find a quick, easy flooring solution that has a great range of benefits to offer.

Our Recommendations

For events & festivals we recommend one of the following artificial grass surfaces (please note: We can deliver direct to any location)