Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which isn’t answered on this page please use our contact page to email us or call us on 0845 600 8633.

  • Where Can I Install Artificial Grass?

    Artificial grass can be laid on hard surfaces such as driveways, balconies, roof terraces, outside offices, around caravans, pathways and commercial areas. The backing allows it to be practically applied anywhere providing the foundation that it is going on is firm.

    In addition it can easily be installed to replace your existing lawn, provided that you prepare the ground suitably beforehand.

  • Can I use artificial grass on concrete?

    Yes our artificial grass is suitable for usage on concrete. All you need is our adhesive along the circumference and blobs every square meter to prevent the artificial grass from coming up. You can use the underlay to reduce impact and increase longevity.

    What About Pile Direction?

    Most of our products have a pile direction; this means that the lawn will look a lighter shade from one direction and a darker shade from the other direction. It is important to establish which angle you want your lawn to be facing before fitting. Make sure that you view the product from all angles before fitting it. Also, when placing & joining two or more pieces together the pile direction must always run the same way. Never try to fit the grass at different angles.

  • How Much Grass Will I Need?

    Your area can be worked out on squared graph paper to form an accurate plan. Most products from Direct Artificial Grass are available in 2m (6ft 6″) & 4m (13ft) widths. When measuring the area for your grass, please remember that the pile direction MUST always run the same way. Draw a plan of the area on graph paper, then measure the area. Plot the sizes on the plan and work out the sizes you will require. You may need 2 or more pieces of artificial grass to cover the area; in this case you will need to join the product.

  • How Do I Obtain Samples?

    We provide free artificial grass samples directly to you in the post. Simply click on the grass product that you would like a sample of and click 'free sample'. This will add your sample to your cart. Please request a maximum of THREE grass samples as this is the maximum we are able to send.

  • What About Drainage?

    All products from Direct Artificial Grass will drain 100% provided that the area beneath has good drainage.

  • Can Artificial Grass Be Fitted Over Decking?

    Yes it can, but a suitable underlay must be used on top of the decking prior to fitting. See Decking & Patios for more information.

  • Will My Artificial Grass Fade In The Sun?

    Our products are fully UV stabilised and carry a minimum guarantee of 5 years against fading.

  • What About Maintenance Of My Artificial Grass?

    Artificial Grass is easily maintained; Always keep the lawn clear of debris such as leaves, twigs and seeds by regular brushing, this also helps you to have great grass that looks good all year round.

  • What About Cleaning?

    Any spills, dog mess etc. are easily cleaned off using warm water and mild household detergent.

  • Is Artificial Grass Suitable For Pets?

    Yes, artificial lawns provide a super surface for dogs and cats to play on. Our products are durable and any mess can easily be cleaned up either by garden hose, rain water or warm water and mild household detergent. See Artificial Grass for Pets for more information.

  • Will Weeds Grow Up Through My New Lawn?

    Provided weedkiller has been applied to the substrate prior to fitting, weeds will not grow through your artificial grass. In addition geotextile membranes can be laid under the grass to alleviate this.

  • Do You Offer Any Warranty Or Guarantee?

    Yes, we offer a minimum of 8 years guarantee across all of our artificial grass products because they're the best and most realsitic you will find.

  • Do I Need To Dress The Grass With Sand?

    None of our current products require sand filling, but we do recommend that a light dress of 5-8kgs per square metre of dry, rounded silica sand is brushed into the pile. The sand infill will help to keep your lawn in place and can help to keep the fibres more upright. In fact sand dressing your lawn particularly over slight bumps and contours will lay flatter due to the weight of the sand.

  • Do You Supply The Trade?

    Yes we welcome trade enquiries and look to promote this area of our business. Direct Artificial Grass are always looking for quality installers as well as retail outlets such as builders merchants and garden centres.

  • Do you have artificial grass suitable for golf use?

    Yes, we have specifically designed artificial grass for persistent golf use. We have golf artificial grass for greens, for tee beds and for generic golf usage such as walking around on. Each artificial grass comes with a golf guarantee.

  • Do you sell artificial grass underlay?

    Yes, we have a specifically designed underlay for artificial grass. This underlay allows water drainage to prevent standing water and flooding.

  • Can You Install My Artificial Grass?

    Currently we are only distributing artificial grass and would suggest that your local landscaper could help you on this matter.

  • Are Synthetic Lawns DIY Products?

    Yes, very much so, we feel that by using our simple artificial grass installation guide you will be able to install this product yourself.

  • Is Artificial Grass Safe For Children?

    Yes. Our products are safe for children to play on as if it were your normal garden area. However we must point out that in commercial areas that cater for children, such as play centres, play warehouses etc. correct shockpad / underlay products must be installed to accommodate the correct fall heights. Please contact us should you require any further information regarding this.

  • Can artificial grass be used on walls?

    Yes, you can use our artificial grass on walls for a unique effect, the solid backing allows you to screw the artificial up against the wall.

  • 3m artificial grass - do you sell this?

    We don't sell 3m width artificial grass, however you can order two of our 2m width artificial grass at half the length and join these together with joining tape and adhesive. The result is just as good as a 3m width and you get the highest quality grass no the market place at a great price.

  • How Can I Become A Supplier For Direct Artificial Grass?

    It’s simple; just contact us explaining what your business is and what you want to do. For example many carpet shops and large retail outlets already sell our products.

  • Can I pay by finance?

    12 months 0% interest free finance is available on all orders over £500.

    More information about finance can be viewed here -

  • What Are Your Delivery Times?

    Please see our delivery page for details -

  • Can I Become A Recommended Contractor / Installer?

    If you are already a qualified installer, then we would be happy to meet up with you and discuss sampling, advertising etc. Please contact us through the contact page