Is Artificial Grass Suitable for Pets?

It most certainly is! Artificial Grass is perfectly safe and great fun for dogs and other pets. We all love our dogs but when it comes to our gardens it poses different challenges.  From scratching and digging, dead or bald spots in the grass, when wet you can get muddy paw prints coming into your house and the natural grass struggles to grow where your dog has its favourite path across the lawn. Maintaining a natural lawn can prove very difficult.

Many customers have decided on artificial grass simply because they have pets and they find it more practical and easy to maintain. Dogs can still run around and do their business in the same way to a natural lawn but there is no chance of digging holes or creating a muddy mess when it rains. As for the cat the surface is warm and soft which makes it a very inviting place to stretch out on and relax.

Pets love playing on an artificial lawn and unlike a natural lawn not only will there be no holes dug but the grass will not die off and create bald patches where the pets have urinated. Just a lush looking lawn all year round. Installing an artificial lawn that can withstand the severities of dozens of dogs running and scratching as well as minimising odour presents many challenges, especially at dog kennels.  After many years of research and development, manufacturers and installers have designed the perfect synthetic grass system for dogs. You may have seen on the television that places such as Battersea Dogs Home use artificial grass in their dog run areas.

To keep your artificial Lawn for dogs and pets clean and odour-free you should install a suitable drainage system that works in conjunction with the fast-flowing holes in the backing of our grasses. It is also recommended that if you use an infill you should use a natural type that will not absorb odours.  Synthetic grass will provide you and your pet a neat and tidy area for many years without the worry of muddy paws coming back into your home.

Although there are specialist drainage systems on the market which can consist of a plastic mess or air flow system, research tells us that a crushed stone base is very affordable yet, effective drainage system. To allow for maximum drainage to keep the synthetic grass dry and free of urine we have found that a depth of 75mm – 100mm is both adequate for drainage and cost effective.

Let us not be fooled by other artificial grass companies that advertise the total elimination of pet odours. Despite anti-microbial agents built into some turf yarns, pet urine always leaves bacteria behind that will proliferate if left untreated that can affect the durability of the artificial grass. We recommend that you wash off an area where a pet has done its business, there are also eco-friendly detergents you can use if you wish. Artificial grass is stain resistant, so you will never get the tell-tale yellow patches on the lawn like you do with a natural lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass for pets

How is the urine and waste handled?
Synthetic grass is not much different from natural grass.  Urine washes through the Drainage holes into crushed stone sub-base below. Faeces can be removed using your current process, only it tends to be less messy with an artificial grass and you can hose down if required afterwards without worrying about causing a mud bath.

How do you clean synthetic grass?
Rain is usually sufficient.  If necessary, spray your synthetic lawn with a hose. This can be done without the worry of causing a mud bath.

Can you get rid of pet odours?
Yes. Having a good drainage system and using a natural non-absorbent infill minimises pet odours but deodorising sprays and eco-friendly detergents can be used periodically if required.

Will my dog think it’s real grass?
Dogs undeniably love artificial grass. We have many happy customers who are delighted with their artificial grass for pets and many have sent in photographs of their dogs and pets enjoying their new lawn.

Will my dog try to dig a hole through the synthetic grass?
There is no denying that some dogs will try and dig through anything but our recommended artificial grass for pets is extremely durable with a double dura backing system which makes it almost impossible to tear. If you know your dog is likely to try to attempt to dig holes we recommend that you take extra care in securing the perimeter of your new synthetic lawn as this will discourage dogs from trying to pull it up.