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Artificial Grass Maintenance Manuel

Although artificial grass is low maintenance it will require some care and attention now and then so not only is your artificial lawn always looking it's best but you will see it last it's 10 year warranty at the minimum. It's a simple, short procedure to maintain your artificial lawn with these maintenance procedures which should be carried out every 10-12 weeks. Please keep a log of the maintenance work you have carried out, with the following information available; date, work carried out, materials used, signature by the persona who carried out the work.

Step 1 - Keep It Clean

Remove any debris from the artificial grass, this includes: wooden twigs, stones, leaves and general unwanted rubbish. This is important as it helps prevent encouraging weed growth.

Step 2 - Give It A Brush

Brushing the artificial grass with a stiff brush is the only way you can prevent it from growing algae and becoming dirty. To start with ensure you brush against the pile direction across all of the lawn.

Step 3 - Removing Stains

If you discover any stains on your artificial grass, including animal waste, use warm water and washing up liquid along with a stiff brush to remove them. For more tricky oil-based marks, you can easily remove them either using a weak bleach to water solution (1:100) or you can even use white spirits and a cloth - please ensure you test these on a small sample patch first to check this is suitable. If you have carried out any of this process make sure you always water down any cleaning carried out to get rid of any solutions.